Lieutenant Savok

Name Savok

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 105

Physical Appearance

Height 6"1
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Savok is always well groomed, and takes care of his personal appearance. Always clean shaven, and neatly presented, Savok presents the good image that most Vulcan's do. He has a scar on his chest from a battle years earlier.


Spouse Alyssa Greystone (Deceased)
Children S'dan (60 Years old-Captain, USS Temperance), T'Kala (50 Years Old-Chief Operations Officer, USS Temperance), T'Kara (40 Years Old, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS DaVinci)
Father Selok (Deceased)
Mother T'kella (Deceased)
Brother(s) Stenok
Sister(s) T'kella
Other Family Kimberly Stone (Daughter in Law, married to S'dan)
Amy Stone (Granddaughter, Daughter of S'dan)
K'Tar (Son in law, married to T'Kala)
T'kena (Granddaughter, Daughter of T'kala)
Andrew Stone (Grandson, Son of S'dan )
George Watkinson (Son in Law, Married to T'kara)
Marcus Jackson (Grandson in Law, Married to Amy)
Melissa Jackson (Great Granddaughter, Daughter of Amy)
James Watkinson (Grandson, Son of T'kara)
Selok (Grandson - Son of T'kala)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like most Vulcans, Savok has a cool exterior and an excellent grasp of logic. He has only ever shown his emotions during the Pon Farr, although he can control it to a certain extent. He has the strength and mental ability of a Vulcan, although he rarely melds minds, as he believes it to be a personal thing, between loved ones only. He has a love of science, though he will never declare it as a love. He is also very old fashioned in his belief's in Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Archaeology, History, General Science, Bio Research, Basic Engineering, Physics, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Medical Science, Languages, Computer Skills, Perfectionist, Musical Talent

Weaknesses: Engineering Principles, Perfectionist (As a strength and weakness), Occasional lack of emotional control, Outdated knowledge of Starfleet Protocol.
Ambitions As any Vulcan, Savok has no real ambitions (That he will admit to having.)
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Classical Music, Opera Music, Kal Toh, Chess, Swimming, Science

Personal History Savok was born on Vulcan in 2283, and raised in the traditional Vulcan way, learning of the Vulcan disciplines, and mental control. As he grew up, like his brother, he was encouraged to learn the ways of science, something which had run in the family for many generations. Up until his 18th Birthday, Savok led a fairly simple life, spending his free time with his studies.

2301 – 2305: Vulcan Science Academy

Savok enters the Vulcan Science Academy. He studies Archaeology and Alien History among other things.

Savok is part of a team, with his father, who discovers a planet not on any star charts. The planet belongs to a species called the Atheryians, an isolationist people who shunned contact with the rest of the galaxy. They were able to cloak their planet to prevent people from finding them, and Savok was a part of the team that helped repair the cloak. He promised to never reveal the secret of the Atheryians to anyone, as did the rest of the team. To date, he has kept his promise.

2305 – 2309: Starfleet Academy

2305-2306 (Year 1):
Upon graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy, Savok applied to, and was accepted into, Starfleet Academy. His family pleads with him to not follow that course of action, since Selok wanted him to follow his footsteps. There was a heated discussion which led to Savok refusing to speak with his family again.

During his first year, he makes a number of friends at the academy, some on his first day during a science lecture when he stood up in front of the class and successfully disproved two of the professor’s scientific equations. This created a personal and professional interest in Savok. He was given access to the academy’s science labs for personal projects, something he found most enjoyable (although he would never admit it) and used the labs to further his studies on chemical sciences and biology.

2306-2307 (Year 2):
During his second year at the academy, Savok is asked by his professor’s to lead a field trip to Turkana 4, an uninhabited planet with a wealth of ruins. Savok did so, being backed up by the USS Hood, and whilst on the planet, the team, under Savok’s guidance, was able to not only decipher the language littered around the ruins, but was also able to determine that they still lived underground. Savok and the team found the people, but determined that they were a pre warp drive civilisation, so they left the planet, and took all traces of their visit with them, imposing a ban on the planet, in accordance with the Prime Directive.

Savok was also selected for a diplomatic mission to Elkara 2, a planet that was at war with itself, the primary three continents being the aggressors. It took six months for the mission to produce any results, with most of the team wanting to launch a pre-emptive strike, but Savok kept pushing for a peaceful resolution, eventually using his knowledge of Starfleet history to devise a solution. He managed to steal one of the weapons of both sides, and used the USS Hood, also there as backup, to send out a subsonic pulse which disabled all of the weapons on the planet.

Whilst both sides attempted to create new weapons, the diplomatic team was able to use the respite in the fighting to create a new diplomatic option. The Elkarans signed a peace treaty, and soon after joined the Federation. However, despite his actions helping to prevent the Elkarans killing themselves, he was given an official reprimand for his actions, which were seen as a breach of the prime directive, as they had been there as mediators only. Unofficially, he was praised and even thrown a celebration dinner.

2307-2308 (Year 3):
In the early part of his third year at the academy, Savok went on a field trip, where he was to study various earth plants. However, he only took one tricorder with him which malfunctioned. He was trying to take readings of plants when they registered as monkeys. He saw another cadet, and asked for her assistance, but he immediately felt a connection with her. The cadet, Alyssa Greystone, also 25, felt a similar connection, both professionally and physically. Whilst Savok wanted to get to know her before engaging in a relationship, fate had other ideas and Savok experienced his first Pon Farr. Alyssa, who had studied Vulcan’s, mated with Savok, and the two became an official couple.

Savok’s third year was largely unremarkable, with his spare time being spent with Alyssa. He enjoyed her company and the two went on trips together, picnics, study trips, everything, spending all the time they could together. Savok found Alyssa fascinating, and when he was around her, he lost all sense of his Vulcan discipline. Around anyone else, however, he was as cool and collected as ever.

2308-2309 (Year 4):
Savok and Alyssa’s final year was full of revision and studies, pushing the boundaries of their knowledge and also studying every text that they could find, relevant to their studies or not. By the time their final exams came around, Savok and Alyssa were more than ready and passed the course with flying colours.

USS Constitution (2309-2331):

Savok and Alyssa Greystone assigned to USS Constitution with the rank of Ensign. Both were married in October of that year at the age of 26. The Captain gives them special dispensation to have their own quarters rather than separate shared quarters.

Savok and Alyssa design a new medical instrument to help doctors in surgery, involving micro transporters. However, the project fails as the technology available is not sufficient to create the micro transporters or sensors that are sensitive enough to perform the surgery. They shelf the idea, working on it every so often.

Savok and Alyssa promoted to the rank of Lt. JG, with Savok being named Assistant Chief Science Officer.

Savok enters Pon Farr. Savok also named Chief Science Officer, Alyssa named Assistant Chief Science Officer. Both promoted to full braid Lieutenant. They are given their own senior officer quarters to share.

Savok helps discover a new alien species, the Carosians. They are a planet of traders, most of their technology having been gained from trading for Dilithium, as they have a number of moons in their system full of Dilithium. Orion Pirates attempt to pose as the Federation to get the Dilithium, Savok uncovers the plot and the Constitution, along with the Adelphi, sends the Orion’s packing. Letter of Commendation given to Savok.

Savok promoted to Lt. Commander after he is able to save the ship from destruction following an impact with a large asteroid. He works with the CEO in order to stabilise the ship, risking his own life.

Savok enters Pon Farr.

Savok works with the CEO of the Constitution to create a new power generator, which is installed aboard the Constitution as a backup power generator. All field tests prove that the generator works, and the specifications are sent to Starfleet. The designs are used across the fleet. Starfleet awards Savok with the Montgomery Scott award of Engineering Excellence.

USS Constitution attacked by Orion Pirates. Savok is instrumental in fighting them off, especially when they board the ship. Savok prevents the destruction of the USS Constitution, and is awarded the Christopher Pike Medal for Valor.

Alyssa kidnapped by Orion Syndicate, in retaliation of Savok’s foiling of their plans the previous year. Savok takes temporary command of the USS Constitution to go after the pirates, an action sanctioned only by the crew of the Constitution. Savok leads an away team to a Syndicate base of Operations and shuts it down, freeing a number of slaves in the process. Savok awarded with second Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

S’dan born. Savok promoted to Commander and named First Officer of the USS Constitution, retaining his role of Chief Science Officer. He and Alyssa discover a previously unknown Star system, one which didn’t show up on any charts. The system belongs to the Atheryians, who took control of the star system, and cloaked it. The cloak was failing, but Savok designed a new energy collector for them to utilise the radiation from the sun. It was not possible to build by the Federation, but after the Constitution leaves, the system disappears, leading the Constitution to surmise that they were able to build the energy collector, giving Savok new lines of research. All knowledge of the Atheryians are erased from the Computer’s memories, and the crew are sworn to secrecy.

Savok enters Pon Farr.

Savok offered a command of his own. He turns it down in order to remain aboard the Constitution, which was in the middle of negotiations with a joint Andorian/Human colony. Both sides were having problems, which each side attributed to the other. Savok and the Constitution crew traced the problems back to a Romulan undercover agent, who disappeared before he could be caught, along with the evidence. A second conspirator is discovered among the Federation colonists; he takes his own life with a phaser set to disintegrate.

Savok and Alyssa, now 44, retired from the service in order to spend more time with S’dan, and with each other. This effectively ends their joint Starfleet career.

Civilian Life (2331-2388):

Savok and Alyssa live on Earth with S’dan. Alyssa teaches at the academy, whilst Savok becomes a teacher at a school, teaching Science to High School students.

Savok enters Pon Farr.

T’Kala born. The four of them become a close knit family, with Alyssa retiring from her teaching job to raise both children whilst Savok remains as a teacher to support them. Upon T’Kala’s birth, Savok’s parents, Selok and T’kara, visit, along with his brother Stenok, and his sister, T’kella, and the family are reunited.

Death of Alyssa’s parents. They die of old age, and Savok comforts her. The two of them take a vacation to Risa.

Savok enters Pon Farr.

Death of T’Kara. She dies at 141 years old, after contracting a fatal disease which was incurable. She contracts the disease whilst transporting a sample of it to a Starfleet Research base. Selok also contracts the disease, but a cure is found before he dies. However, he is left shaken by the experience, and retires to a small home on Vulcan. He becomes a recluse.

S’dan enters Starfleet Academy, studying to become a science officer. Savok and Alyssa are proud of their son and his achievements.

T’Kara born. Savok retires from teaching to help raise their new daughter. She is named after Savok’s mother. Savok takes his daughter to Vulcan and introduces her to Selok. When he sees Selok, he sees that he is weakened and a shadow of his former self. Savok and Alyssa remain on Vulcan for three months, caring for him. Death of Selok. He dies with all of his children around him to comfort him. Savok leaves Vulcan with his wife and children.

S’dan graduates from Starfleet Academy, class Valedictorian, and is given a rank of Lieutenant for his advances in the sciences. Assigned to Ambassador Class USS Temperance. Savok enters Pon Farr.

S’dan enters Pon Farr. He marries Kimberly Stone, and she becomes pregnant.

Amy Stone, daughter of S’dan and Kimberly, Savok’s granddaughter, born.

S’dan promoted to Lt. Commander after the Captain of the USS Temperance retires, with S’dan being named as Third Officer, for his brilliance and dedication to duty.

S’dan named First Officer of the USS Temperance after the current XO is promoted to Captain another vessel.

T’kala enters Starfleet Academy, following the family footsteps. She trains to become an operations officer, finding her skill with computers and languages. Her skill with languages distinguishes her.

Savok enters Pon Farr.

S’dan promoted to Captain of the USS Temperance. He misses out on beating Kirk’s record by 4 months.

S’dan enters Pon Farr.

T’kala graduates Starfleet Academy. She is assigned to the USS Temperance, with the rank of Ensign, and named Chief Operations Officer. S’dan is pleased to have his sister serve under him, and trains her himself.

T’Kala enters Pon Farr and takes a husband, K’Tar of Vulcan, also serving on the USS Temperance. Savok and Alyssa attend the wedding, and Savok gives her away in the human tradition. T’kala becomes pregnant early, leading to speculation that the entire family is very fertile. T’kala gives birth to a daughter, T’kena.

Savok and Alyssa purchase a small ship, and begin to travel together, going from planet to planet. T’Kara and T’Kala join them, with S’dan remaining aboard USS Temperance.

The family discover the ruins of an ancient civilisation. They spend six months on the planet, cataloguing everything on the planet, with the USS Temperance acting as a Starfleet presence. The artefacts are sent to the Daystrom Institute, and the family are invited to give a presentation at a special celebration of the species.

The family are present for the launch of the USS Enterprise D, with S’dan, and the USS Temperance, wishing to see the launch. Savok enters Pon Farr.

S’dan enters Pon Farr. T’Kara enters Starfleet Academy, as it is now the family tradition. She trains as a Security and Tactical Officer.

USS Temperance assigned to assist the protection of Earth after the Battle of Wolf 359. USS Temperance remains at Earth for two years for upgrades. Kimberly Stone becomes pregnant once again, early in the year. Birth of Andrew Stone, son of S’dan and Kimberly. T’Kala enters Pon Farr.

Amy Stone enters Starfleet Academy. She trains as a Doctor. T’Kara graduates from Starfleet Academy, and is assigned to the USS DaVinci as a Security Officer.

Savok enters Pon Farr

The family return to Earth, and Savok purchases a beach house for the whole family. S’dan visits when he can, T’Kara and T’Kala remain with their parents to help care for their mother, who is weaker now. She refuses to allow doctor’s to artificially extend her lifespan, determined to let nature take its course. Savok, whilst deeply upset, accepts his wife’s decision. He and Alyssa spend every night discussing their life and the history of the galaxy which they have witnessed together, watching the sunset. USS Temperance assigned to investigate disappearance of USS Voyager.

Death of Alyssa Greystone. Savok mourns her loss deeply, and becomes isolated from all but his children. He scatters her ashes in space, before returning to Vulcan to study new sciences, to help him deal with the pain of losing Alyssa. S’dan enters Pon Farr.

Amy Stone graduates from Starfleet Academy, and enters Starfleet Medical for training. T’Kara enters Pon Farr for the first time. She follows the tradition of her family, and takes a mate. Rather than getting married, she begins a long relationship with George Watkinson. T’kara promoted to Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS DaVinci.

T’Kala enters Pon Farr.

Amy Stone, raised in a Vulcan manner, enters Pon Farr. She takes a mate, and begins a relationship with Marcus Jackson.

Savok fails to enter Pon Farr. He undergoes a series of medical tests, and it is discovered that Savok was so mentally connected to Alyssa that he will no longer enter the Pon Farr. It is considered a medical mystery. Savok is the only Vulcan on record that can make this claim. Amy Stone graduates from Starfleet Medical and is assigned to USS Olympia as a Doctor.

T’Kara marries George Watkinson. Amy Stone marries Marcus Jackson. Amy falls pregnant. T’Kara promoted to Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS DaVinci.

Savok leaves Vulcan and takes up residence on Earth, where he sets up a science research facility for his own use, within a house he purchases. He decides to refresh his knowledge, and studies materials from Starfleet and the Federation, along with the Vulcan Science Academy, to bring his knowledge up to date. S’dan enters Pon Farr. Amy gives birth to a daughter, Melissa.

Savok agrees to give a series of lectures at Starfleet Academy, helping to train young minds. He also studies, and once again pushes his knowledge, and even comes up with new theories for Starfleet. He excels not only in the sciences, but also in Temporal Mechanics. His colleagues often look to him for guidance with some modern history research, since Savok had lived through a lot of what they were teaching. Savok was always happy to give his advice.

Amy Stone is promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the USS Olympia, with the rank of Lieutenant. T’Kara enters Pon Farr. She falls pregnant.

T’Kala enters Pon Farr. She becomes Pregnant. Birth of James Watkinson, son of T’Kara.

Birth of Selok, son of T’Kala. Amy enters Pon Farr.

Savok retires from Starfleet Academy, due to personal reasons, and moves his science lab to Bajor, where he purchases an area of land. He continues his research and studies.

Amy Stone promoted to Chief Medical Officer of the USS Olympia, with the rank of Lt. Commander. She takes the bridge officer’s exam and passes on her third attempt.

Andrew Stone enters Starfleet Academy, training as an engineer.

S’dan enters Pon Farr. Savok is requested to study an anomaly discovered by the USS Sentinel NX 91200. The discovery is that of an artificial Subspace Eddy. He writes a paper which is published right away. He perfects his design for an energy collector after using the scans of the Subspace Eddy to discover the form of energy needed to create something so powerful. He is able to convince Starfleet and the Daystrom Institute to begin construction on the energy collector.

He becomes friends with Bane Plase, and the senior officers, of the the USS Sentinel. He returns to Bajor, but keeps in touch with his friends.

T'Kara enter's Pon Farr

T'Kala enter's Pon Farr. Savok is called out of retirement by a former student and friend, who asks for him to join him on the USS Unification, as Chief Science Officer. Savok agrees, and is given a field commission of Lieutenant.
Service Record Service Record:
2301 - 2305: Vulcan Science Academy
2305 - 2309: Starfleet Academy
2309 - 2312: Science Officer, USS Constitution (Ensign)
2312 - 2317: Chief Science Officer, USS Constitution (Lt.)
2317 - 2326: Chief Science Officer, USS Constitution (Lt. Commander)
2326 - 2330: First Officer/Chief Science Officer, USS Constitution (Commander)

2330 - 2388: No Starfleet Record

2388-Present: Chief Science Officer, USS Unification (Lt.)